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It is my mission and dream

to help YOU

harness your inner warrior

and reclaim control of your health and your life by:

✓ healing your hormones and adrenal fatigue, and kicking PCOS to the curb

✓ ditching the stress, the bloat, the anxiety

✓ supercharging your fertility with nutrients and wellness practices

✓ tuning into your energy—working with it, aligning with it

✓ hustling, working, and thriving in your flow, instead of against it

✓ nurturing yourself—mind, body, and soul

✓ and helping you co-create your unique healing blueprint

so you can step into your fullest self-expression, power, and truly thrive as the powerful, fierce warrior you are meant to be.

There are no quick fixes, magic pills or potions, just YOU, me, a whole lotta love, relentless belief, and messy, massive action, every step of the way.

I am here to remind you that you are never alone;

there is always a shared sisterhood who has your back,

and PS. I KNOW you can totally do this.

We CAN do this together!


Tania Jane

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Beautiful Soul, Divine Warrior,

I see you. I feel you. I am you.

Hormonal chaos is no fun. Living with PCOS can be a nightmare.

But I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You CAN thrive despite your PCOS “doc”-nosis (as I lovingly call it) no matter what “they” say.

Who are “they” anyway?

YOU are the warrior of your life.

You might be wondering HOW?

Through nourishing nutrition, personalized lifestyle changes, spirituality practices, and movement.

Through mindset. Through getting rid of the victim mindset and embracing warrior mindset.

Through having those tough yet heart to heart conversations with yourself, and with your loved ones.

Through facing your fears, your shadows, your limitations head on. Through looking at your “doc”nosis, your naysayers (yes, this includes that mean voice in your head) and saying, “Enough. It’s my time. It’s my body. I know what it’s capable of. I am no longer willing to let anyone else dictate how I will live my life. I am worthy of living the life I desire. I have faith in my body. Body, I trust you. Body, I want to understand you and work with you. Help me help you.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am equal parts strategy + intentional action + woo woo put together. Healing is multifaceted and everyone will heal differently.

Let me help you discover your own healing blueprint and let’s put together a lifestyle plan that works! I am living proof.



Let’s get started today!


What you can expect when working with me . . .

▽ You'll work with someone who has your back; someone who gets it; someone who you can truly share your journey with, and leave feeling empowered.

▽ A guide, mentor, BFF, sister in your corner - I will be there rooting for you, holding space for you to release it all, cry it out, laugh it out, and help you fall in love with yourself again, hormones and all!

It is my goal to provide you a safe container where you can heal, layer by layer, heart, soul, mind, and body.

It is my goal to empower you to make consciously healthy and fierce choices for yourself.

There is no quick fix, no quick detox strategy or magical pill to heal all facets of your life.

It brings me sheer joy to hold space for my clients to truly be themselves.

I am all about candid expressions, belly-aching and eye crinkling laughs,  and cry your heart out heart to heart #realtalk.

Tell it like it is, tough love with some soul and compassion is more my style.

As a woman, as a coach, as a client, and woman with dreams and desires just like yourself,

I have been where you are, and to be completely honest, somedays, I’m still there—its always an evolving journey.

However, what has helped steer me back on track is the healing lifestyle blueprint I created for myself over the last few years.

Sweet soul, it’s about time you harness your power, tune into your energy, nurture yourself — mind, body, and soul,

and use that to create a momentum of positive change in your life. 

I'd ask you to trust me on this, but I'd rather you decide for yourself . . .

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